What is a sage?

It’s a plant that grows in the desert. It’s a color. It’s also a person that knows everything because they’ve been there, done that…and it seems they always have a beard.

According to Dictionary.com:

sage [seyj]
a profoundly wise person; a person famed for wisdom.
2. someone venerated for the possession of wisdom, judgment, and experience.
adjective, sag·er, sag·est.
3. wise, judicious, or prudent: sage advice.

What is the time frame to pay off all debt and mortgage?

8 to 11 years seems to be the average. Of course, this means that it happens faster for some people and a little slower for others. (But it still beats the heck out of 30 years…don’t you think?)

What is the WealthSage Guarantee?

We guarantee that if you follow the directions that WealthSage provides in your specific plan, you will be debt free within the time stated…or we’ll refund your enrollment fee. That’s a pretty sweet deal if for some reason it takes you a month longer than we said it would!

Does it work for everyone?

Technically, no. In a perfect world, yes. But in a perfect world there would be no debt and everybody would be well set for retirement…and we’d be out of business. And that’d be fine with us!

While the principles and tools that make up our system should work for everyone, there are a few reasons why it doesn’t. The first reason is attitude. There are a lot of people out there who think they can figure it all out on their own. They feel they can do everything that a team of financial experts (who do this every day equipped with powerful software) can do. This group of people usually likes to pick our brains over the phone to find out what they’re missing.

Then there are the cynics who refuse to believe that anyone or any company would choose to do the right thing for their clients. To all of the cynics out there: you’ll just have to watch and see. To the do-it-yourselfers: best of luck. To everybody else: Will it work for me?

Truthfully, our system can work for you if you’re ready, but timing generally is the biggest barrier. To find out if and how fast it may work for you click here

Why doesn’t everyone do this?

That’s a really good question and it’s asked frequently (that’s why it’s on this list). And…your guess is as good as ours!

What is The Order of Wealth?

It’s the greatest financial system ever. No, really! It embodies years of research and observation into the lives of wealthy people throughout all history. Following its simple steps creates an invaluable discipline and allows for the consistent development and accumulation of wealth. It creates a peace of mind, which continues throughout life and contains within it the power to unleash tremendous human potential; a power that is the basis for every great achievement in history.

Basically, if you do what it says, you’ll become a millionaire. That’s all. But…you probably shouldn’t read it. [Don’t read it link]

Why haven’t I heard of this before?

Wall Street is conspiring to suppress and spin the truth so they can line their pockets with your hard earned dollars.

Yes, we really believe that.

Is this secure?

Heck yeah! (What? You don’t want to take our word for it? That’s ok, read this: Privacy Policy)

What’s the cost?

We’d like to answer a question with a question: What’s the value of financial freedom to you? We think it’s priceless, but for you we charge only $498 one time to enroll. That way you get lifetime access to our systems and our cool stuff in the mail.

But really the question should be: How much is this going to cost if you don’t do it?

What is the meaning of life?

Well, let’s just say that life will mean a lot more once you’re out of debt using your WealthSage strategy!

Can I do it on my own?

You can…but you probably won’t or else you wouldn’t be here right now. But seriously, WealthSage works so well because of the systems we have in place to help you stay on track. Statistics show that without a “system” in place, most people will fail within 6 months, and rarely try again.

The reality is that everyone likes the idea of being debt free and everyone wants to retire earlier, just like how everyone loves the idea of going to the gym and getting a beach body. The problem is that while the idea sounds great, very few actually make it happen on their own,consistently.

This is usually due to changes and unexpected events in life and not knowing how to adjust. The WealthSage system overcomes this!

Do I have to give my debt information to find out how it works?

Yes. That’s how our system determines if and how fast this can work for you. Don’t worry though, we don’t ask for ‘sensitive’ information or anything that could identify you or your accounts, just general numbers. If you’re worried about sharing basic information with us, read our privacy policy.

How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

An article reports on the work of New York state wildlife expert Richard Thomas, who found that a woodchuck could (and does) chuck around 35 cubic feet of dirt in the course of digging a burrow. Thomas reasoned that if a woodchuck could chuck wood, he would chuck an amount equivalent to the weight of the dirt, or 700 pounds.

We are pleased to know this, of course. But it sure isn’t easy to fit into a snappy verse.

How long does it take to get started?

If procrastination doesn’t get to you first, fill out the form and get started today.

Do I have to pay to find out if it’s going to work?

Absolutely not! You don’t pay us anything until we know if a WealthSage strategy is going to work for you and you feel ready to begin.

How long have people been doing this?

Well, the Bible sure talks a lot about debtors, so we know they had debt back
then too. Our strategies are nothing new (some are 200 years old). However, they’re combined in our simple system that helps overcome the biggest problem – human nature. But we’ll talk more about that one later.

“We have found the enemy and he is us” – Pogo

Is there a God?

Sure, but it’s not Morgan Freeman.

What happens next?

That’s up to you. Take the red pill and we’ll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Take the blue pill and we’ll show you more videos. Do nothing…and you’ll wake up tomorrow morning in the exact same situation you’re in today.