Strategy 1: Overcoming Human Nature

Most people believe that the reason most people fail is due to a lack of discipline. This is partially true, however the #1 cause of financial plan failure is actually unexpected events. Any plan that does not begin with solutions to overcome these unexpected events will fail!

Discipline and unexpected events are what we call Human Nature.

The financial industry builds plans on a flawed basis, they use math. One of the first concepts to understand is that math does not equal money.

Our plans work much like airplanes do. Your destination may be a long way out there and because of the environment acting upon us, on our money, we continually have to make course corrections in order to get to our destination. The key is to constantly monitor your location and make continual course corrections Quickly.

To make these course corrections you need a good pilot and good instruments. We provide both in a financial strategist (pilot) and an online tracking system called WealthSage (instruments).

Strategy 2: Paying Off Debt

The WealthSage system automatically looks for the most efficient and best ways to achieve your goals. Its default program is to find the fastest way to eliminate all of your debt, mortgage included.

Most people fail at consistently staying out of debt. Our studies have shown that this is mostly due to a lack of control and access to our own money. When dollars are paid directly to a bank to pay down a debt, the bank now has control of those dollars. If an unexpected event were to arise where we needed those dollars now we are at the mercy of that bank—turning us into slaves.

In order to increase control and access to our money why not use the bank’s own methods against them. This is not only cool, but the method has a 95% success rate.

Crazy talk? Watch the video.

Strategy 3: The Perfect Account

A strong savings strategy is essential in any well-designed financial plan. Ours is no different but if were going to put money somewhere why not get the best? After questioning thousands of people everyone responds with basically three things that they would want in a Perfect Account.

Growth ,Safety, Access

What kind of growth? Consistent, predictable, and automatic. And safety, safety from what? Well from robbers right? Robbery from the market, robbery from Uncle Sam through taxes and inflation. Financial institutions call their plunder fees and penalties, and robbery from creditors or frivolous lawsuits. And finally we want access that gives us the control to achieve our futures.

Want to see what we use? Yep, it’s in the video.

Strategy 4: Alignment

Just having the best debt elimination strategy and a perfect account is not enough to eliminate debt quickly. Somehow we have to get your money working harder for you!

As you begin working with us we will walk you through your own numbers so you can see the misalignment and how much they’re costing you. To do this, we go through everything you’re doing and look for ways to make your dollars work more effectively.

We’ll be able to align all of your dollars into one consistent plan. One plan that will achieve your retirement goals, one plan to eliminate your debt, one plan to give you the capital that you’ll want for unexpected events or future opportunities. One simple plan.

Get aligned in the video

Strategy 5: Debt Snowball

What do a toilet and a snowball have to do with each other? Everything!

Most financial gurus suggest using the snowball to eliminate debt. While this is mathematically great in practice most people fail to achieve the power of the snowball, creating enormous failure. Did we mention our method succeeds 95% of the time?

Ready for a snowball fight? Get your gloves in the video

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