Eliminate your mortgage & boost your retirement at the same time!

Welcome to Phase 2

What is Phase 2?
Phase 1 is for people with a lot of consumer debt. Here we focus just on the debt and then automate the payments to pay the debt off faster.
Phase 2 is a more advanced approach for people who basically just have a mortgage and maybe a few other small debts. Rather than just focus on the debt, we take a holistic approach and consider everything from emergency savings, asset protection, tax strategies, retirement planning, as well as eliminating your mortgage as quickly as possible!

The common methods to do this have problems and leaves everyone confused:

  • Paying down debt may not leave anything left for retirement
  • Focusing on Retirement may leave you using retirement to service your debt

Neither option is ideal

and the opinions are confusing.

AND… it gets even worse!

  • Only 4% of those turning 65 will have adequate savings for retirement!
  • 63% will be completely dependent on Social Security, friends and relatives.
Phase 2 accomplishes BOTH at the SAME TIME!
Eliminate all debt in about 9 years
Increase retirement cash flow by 20-40%.